Lend Easy

borrowing power back in your hands

Each home buyer’s need is different, but Lend Easy has seen it all and looks forward to guiding you through the process.

With Lend Easy, we’re removing the roadblocks so everyone can borrow with peace of mind. The mortgage market we envision is one that empowers people to know that they’re making the right choice.

I created an interactive and easy-to-use online mortgage calculator to help people make wise decisions about financing their purchases. With a modern website design, complete with an intuitive user experience and comprehensive strategy, the mortgage calculator is designed to provide the valuable insights needed to make informed decisions.

2022Branding, Wireframes, Web Design

Visual Direction

After the initial kickoff workshop, I prepared two visual directions for the client to choose from.

Visual direction is an initial style proposal, something like a more detailed and specific moodboard.

My visual direction usually contains a color palette, primary and secondary fonts, photography direction, visual elements, iconography, and low-fidelity mockup to show how all elements work together.

Mortgage calculator

After the client approved the final visual direction, I started with competitor research and ended with a fully fleshed user flow.

The user flow was later translated into a clickable Figma prototype.


Full-Fidelity Design


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